The Moominworld application perfects your visit at the Moominworld theme park in Naantali, Finland. The application works in English, Swedish, Finnish and Japanese.

This application has all the neccessary information to make your Moomin experience even more awesome! The application helps your with arriving to the Moominworld and has information about opening hours, daily programme, theatre programme, shops, restaurants and attractions in the theme park.

The Moominworld application takes care that your won’t miss any attraction in the theme park by locating you and marking all the already visited attrations on the interactive map.

This application enriches your and your child’s Moomin experience by offering automatically location based extra content. It reacts to your location and gives you more infomration about the attraction or a related character. The Moominworld app also asks you to do little tasks in certain areas.

Registered users get instantly mobile benefits they are welcome to use during their visit.

The Moominworld application makes taking of Moomin selfies easy. Take a selfie and post it directly to Papa’s Photo service to be printed as a post card. You can also share your Moomin selfie to your social media channels.

This application utilizes iBeacon technology. Please, turn Bluetooth on while visiting the theme park to get the most out of your visit.

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Available for:

iOS Android

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